In 2005, President James “Butch” Ray and Vice President Paul Stutes turned a collective professional vision into reality. Their desire to truly impact the oil and gas industry led to the formation of Stella Maris, a company based in Lafayette, Louisiana, dedicated to the designing and building of safe, user-friendly hydraulic power and control systems.

Today, Stella Maris has taken its vision to another level by consistently and innovatively redefining the boundaries of what is possible in ways that create immediate value for our customers. Backed by a strong culture of innovation with a strong focus on precision manufacturing, we look towards the future in helping our customers to constantly stay one step ahead of their competition.


Stella Maris only aligns itself with the best by employing competent personnel who are enthusiastic about discovering and implementing the newest in customizable features to our already proven systems. Our engineers view each client's needs as a technical challenge and our project managers understand the importance of finishing each project in a timely manner. We gauge our performance based on your results.

Our company is divided into two main segments, each of which serves the deepwater oil and gas industry in a uniquely targeted way.

Our engineering segment is responsible for the production of hydraulic power units (HPUs), chemical injection systems, and their respective control systems. We provide on-site integration testing for our systems, as well as start up assistance. Building on our team's collective field experience, one of our main goals is to produce equipment that's leaner and friendlier to the production personnel behind operations.

Through our manufacturing services, Stella Maris can assemble a variety of hydraulic systems based on your existing designs. Our experienced production team will build equipment based on your precise specifications using components from only the most trusted vendors and rigorously testing every piece of equipment. This group also provides technical service work, such as subsea tree plumbing.


Our Mission

The mission of Stella Maris is to design and manufacture customized oil & gas equipment through the use of state-of-the-art technology and superb engineering, optimized to meet client, national and international specifications.

Our Vision

The vision of Stella Maris is to provide stellar, global customer service and unsurpassed, customized products, including HPUs, Chemical Injection Systems and Control System Integration.

Our Values

Stella Maris’ core values include honesty, integrity, creativity, camaraderie and respect for every member of our team and the clients we serve. Our primary focus is to provide exceptional service and products while remaining true to these values.