Strategic Process

Stella Maris develops strategies through project innovation, experienced design and effective solutions.

While the majority of systems we build are based on our existing, proven designs, we also are engaged in developing innovative ideas alongside clients to deliver systems customized for their most challenging needs. We abide by a strategic process to initialize, optimize and realize for effective solutions across the globe.

Define Project

A potential client approaches us with a specific design-and-build project in mind or simply with a system in need of optimization.

Interface Meetings

We review the client's current operation, seek staff input and create initial sketches, drawing from experience on past projects.


We write a formal proposal, which acts as a narrative on the specific services we will provide. The overview may include photos and optional concepts. We implement any necessary changes based on feedback and, if selected, begin work on project.


Fully detailed drawings are finalized and all necessary building components are gathered. Then, the system is created.


We write our own factory acceptance test, which test the limits of each system. The client is invited to view the test for input.