Offshore Vessel Cleaning Facility

Project Description: Offshore Vessel Cleaning Facility

Project Overview: Combination of automated skid packages used to clean remaining drilling mud from offshore supply vessels


  • (1) 500 BBL Cleaning Tank with Control Room and balcony
    • Cleaning Tank separated into Clean, Intermediate, and Dirty sections
    • Balcony mounted Desander and Desilter for separation of solids from water
    • Control Room (air conditioned) including:
      • Local Control Panel - Provides control and monitoring of pressure, level, flowrate, and flow direction of the cleaning process
      • Motor Control Center - Provides a single point of motor control to operate the cleaning facility via DOL and Soft starters
  • (2) 250 HP Centrifugal Pump HPU Skids
    • Hydraulic motor drive for centrifugal pumps
  • (1) Centrifugal Pump Skid
  • (1) Centrifugal Pump Valve Manifold
    • Directs clean water flow to Deck Manifold(s) or for return to Cleaning Tank
  • (2) 100 HP Submersible Pump HPU Skids
    • Hydraulic motor drive for submersible pumps to pull dirty waster from supply vessel

Key Design Features:

  • Supplies pressurized clean water to up to (4) deck manifolds
  • All equipment, with the exception of Cleaning Tank, designed to be disconnected and removed for hurricane evacuation
    • All electrical cables provided with receptacles and plugs for simplified connect/disconnecting
  • Class I Division 2 Area Classification