Production HPU

Project Description: Production HPU

Project Overview: Designed to control (4) subsea production trees and provide hydraulic pressure to (2) topside control panels


  • Footprint: 18’-0” L x 10’-6” W x 11’-0” H
  • Design Pressure
    • LP Topsides: 6,000 psi
    • LP Subsea: 6,000 psi
    • HP Subsea: 15,000 psi
  • Hydraulic Reservoir 
    • Supply - 600 gallon capacity
    • Return - 700 gallon capacity
  • Recirculation / fill circuit

Key Design Features:

  • LP Topsides, LP Subsea, and HP Subsea circuits are each supported by two redundant supply pumps and a dedicated accumulator bank to deliver hydraulic pressure
  • Local Control Panel with redundant 1756 ControlLogix PLC controllers and PanelView Plus 7 HMI
  • Configured to carry out the operations as a standalone unit or in conjunction with the Facility Control System
  • Pumps mounted horizontally under reservoir on rollers that pull out for access and maintenance in order to meet platform footprint requirements
  • Class I, Division 2, Group D Area Classification

Project Applicable Standards:

  • API Std. 17F
  • API RP 14F
  • NFPA 70
  • OSHA 29 CFR-1910