Our Team


Butch Ray

Butch Ray President

Butch Ray leads Stella Maris’ multi-disciplined team with core-based values of integrity, hard work, innovation, dedication and commitment to excellence. With broad domestic and international experience of operational, technical and innovative aspects of the business, Butch led the global engineering and manufacturing company to experience a 164% growth in just one year. He is an effective leader with a proven track record of leveraging technology and innovation to achieve maximum results.

Butch has more than 20 years of progressive career movement encompassing operations management, global supply chain and logistics, health safety and environmental (HSE) management and business process management. He directed a skilled team in the development of a stand-alone HSE group. He has developed talent in the design, fabrication and installation of electronic, pneumatic and hydraulic control systems. He has successfully negotiated contracts worth several millions of dollars and negotiated (2) $200,000+ grants for the safety and skills-based training of company employees. Butch has continually demonstrated an innate ability to effectively develop and rally teams, manage for performance-driven results and lead by example.

In 2005, Butch joined forces with Paul Stutes to turn a collective vision into reality – actively impacting the oil & gas industry with the formation of Stella Maris. He oversees all aspects of the company’s operations to design and build safe, user-friendly hydraulic power and control systems that exceed client expectations and industry standards, while simultaneously establishing competitive business advantages with ultimate success for all parties.

Paul W. Stutes

Paul W. Stutes Vice President

Paul Stutes is an innovative Executive Vice President with extensive engineering knowledge specific to the subsea industry. He has a proven track record of growing profitable businesses through new product development, expansion into new markets, and skillful project execution focused on the desired result. He is proficient in optimizing operational performance and managing complex projects in multi-national environments.

By leveraging a broad technical background and years of domestic and international experience, Paul directs the design and installation of PLC based, pneumatic and hydraulic safety & control systems for onshore and offshore production facilities – with a special focus on the meticulous design and build of customized systems that cater to subsea operation’s specific needs. He is a skilled communicator noted for mobilizing and developing high-performance teams unsurpassed in expertise, dedication and commitment to excellence.

In 2005, Paul joined forces with Butch Ray to turn a collective vision into reality – actively impacting the subsea industry with the formation of Stella Maris. Paul diligently oversees opportunities to fulfill the needs generated by the oil and gas industry. By demonstrating strong leadership skills, he is a driving force in creating long-term sustainable growth for the company.

Ryan Dugas

Ryan Dugas Operations Manager

Ryan Dugas leads the manufacturing operations of Stella Maris’ global control systems and equipment. He is an energetic Operations Manager with a proven track record of cost-efficient projects from planning to completion – managing budgets, defining labor and costs, realizing targeted profit margins. As an integral part of the management team, he effectively leads performance-driven teams through the communication of clear expectations and goals.

Ryan developed a working knowledge of the drilling process of oil and gas wells while working on drilling rigs during the summer months throughout college. He earned a BS in Industrial Technology from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in 2006. Ryan joined Stella Maris as a charter employee in 2005, working on the shop floor; learning the business from the ground up. His diligence and attention to detail led to consistent promotions through the ranks of Manufacturing Technician, Project Manager to Operations Manager.

Ryan was instrumental in guiding, tracking, reporting and meeting the budgetary demands of client and industry specifications for a BOP Control System that was custom designed and slated for use just north of the Shetland Islands in the United Kingdom.

Ryan oversees every aspect of the manufacturing process to design and build safe, user-friendly hydraulic power and control systems that exceed client expectations and industry standards.

Ryan LeBlanc

Ryan LeBlanc Engineering Manager

Ryan LeBlanc leads the engineering team of Stella Maris’ global control systems and equipment. He is a meticulous Engineering Manager who achieves engineering objectives by developing detailed plans, thus accomplishing project milestones, while directing the integration of technical activities. He has a reputation for building and leading effective teams, and establishing collaborative engineering relationships across multiple organizations, strategic partners and customers.

Ryan earned a BSE in Electrical Engineering from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. In 2009, he joined Stella Maris as an Engineering Technician and was promoted to Project Engineer – providing electrical design of skid packages, including power distribution, lighting systems, networking, interfacing with existing equipment, and detailed wiring diagrams. He has an in-depth knowledge of application design in accordance with the following standards: ATEX, IEC EX, NEC 500, NEC 505, IEC 61511, IEC 61892, API 16D, API STD 53, API RP 64, NORSOK E-001, Machinery Directive, Low Voltage Directive, EMC Directive, and PED. He is a participant in API subcommittee 16 and is certified through TUV as a Functional Safety Engineer.

Ryan manages projects from concept and design through to implementation, testing and handover. He develops and coordinates effective action plans with the engineering team; implementing production, productivity, quality and customer-service standards. He is consistent in delivering commitments, even in the most resource-constrained environments as evidenced in meeting the demands and processes of client, national and international specifications.