Field-Proven Quality

Through our inhouse manufacturing, Stella Maris can build a variety of hydraulic systems ranging from simple hydro test packages, to large multi-level chemical injection systems. With engineering, project management, and shop personnel all under the same roof combined with the extensive experience of our production team, our ability to efficiently and effectively complete complex projects is undisputed.

With a proven track record of meeting unique manufacturing challenges, our experienced production team can manufacture systems and equipment based on highly individualized client requirements. We understand the ever-changing demands of the industry, and that your top priorities are performance and reliability. When you choose Stella Maris as your partner, you are ensured equipment that is manufactured using rigorous quality standards established by the American Petroleum Institute (API) and the International Standards Organization (ISO).

Precision remains the first and foremost concern throughout the production process. Our attention to detail, emphasis on accuracy, and consistent effort to enhance client services have paved a path for Stella Maris to compete globally while building locally.
We also provide on-site integration testing for our systems, as well as startup assistance.

We specialize in manufacturing:

• Hydraulic Power Units
• Chemical Injection Systems
• Custom Testing & Flushing Units
• Choke & Kill Control Systems
• DPR Control Systems
• BOP & Diverter Control Systems
• Direct Hydraulic Subsea Well Controls
• Wellhead Control Panels


The Stella team will inspect, disassemble, and replace or upgrade damaged components for Stella Maris built and other customer owned equipment onshore or offshore that meet your specifications to ensure optimal performance of your hydraulic, pneumatic, and electrical control systems.



Our headquarters located in Lafayette, LA, is a 55,000 SF climate-controlled facility with 18 acres of useable property.  The facility houses our administrative, estimating, project management, quality, safety, engineering, and manufacturing departments. This state-of-the-art building allows our seasoned team of engineers, project managers, and highly skilled technicians to work under one roof in a highly cooperative and collaborative effort. It also enhances the workflow between our engineering and manufacturing processes which equates to heightened customer service and satisfaction.

Supply Chain

Stella Maris LLC works closely with and regularly audit our suppliers to ensure that they are similarly committed to safety, quality, and delivery. In addition, Stella Maris LLC and our suppliers are committed to high standards of social and environmental responsibility and ethical conduct. We have created this Supplier Code of Conduct as an extension of our own Corporate Code of Conduct to form the cornerstone of our commitment to responsibly source our products. This Code defines the universal standards that we require our suppliers to adhere to when conducting business with us. The requirements laid out in the Code are based on internationally recognized standards.